Rolling A WWTP Pond Modifications

The 210 ft. wide by 400 ft. long pond was originally design as an aerated bio-solids lagoon. The pond was receiving about 40,000 gpd of waste activated sludge and was aerated with shaft-propeller style aerators. The aerators were mixing solids/ sludge due to the shallow depth of the pond. The pond was odorous and the County had received several complaints from adjacent property Owners. A substantial turnover occurred in the pond resulting in substantial odors and solids build up on the pond surface.

HCE provided design services to remedy the activated sludge pond. Improvements included raising the level of the pond, modifications to pond piping and improved aeration. The construction required a Dam Safety Permit issued by the State of Nevada.

Lyon County Effluent

Lyon County upgraded its Rolling A Wastewater Treatment Facility in Dayton, Nevada. Treated effluent generated from the plant is used for irrigation at the Traditions Residential project site located north of Highway 50.

LCUD requested Hunter Creek assist with providing treated effluent to Traditions from the Rolling A Wastewater Treatment Facility. Services provided by HCE included;
1. Effluent Distribution System Design and Performance Standards.
2. Effluent Master plan
3. Effluent Management Plan and Discharge Permit
4. Effluent Use Agreements

Dayton Valley Effluent Management Plan

The existing Dayton Valley Golf Course property consists of an 18 hole championship golf course and adjacent residential properties. The property is currently irrigated by a combination of groundwater and treated effluent from the South Dayton Valley WWTP. Services provided by HCE included;
1. Establish Effluent Distribution System Design Standards.
2. Effluent Management Plan and Discharge Permit.
3. Effluent Use Agreements.
4. Establish use of Effluent for Construction Water.

D'Andrea Effluent Lift Station

D'Andrea Homeowners Association effluent irrigation packaged pump station
1. 400 gpm peak, 150 gpm average flow rate.
2. Electric flow control valve at mainline point of connection.
3. Telemetry Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to monitor flow and control valve.
4. Duplex VFD booster pump station with pressure control.

Sparks Effluent Pipeline and Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Proejct, City of Sparks, Nevada
(Nevada Water Resources Association, 2004 Wastewater Project of the Year)

Mr. Burgoyne assisted the City of Sparks with the treated effluent utility expansion from Reed High School to the north end of Spanish Springs Valley, approximately 9 miles. While project manager and design engineer Mr. Burgoyne provided the following services to the City;
1. Overall facility design demand estimates,
2. Fee structure,
3. Effluent agreements,
4. City of Sparks Effluent system design requirements,
5. Plan and specification preparation for effluent pipeline, and Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Project.

Huffaker Lane 24 Inch Water Line Extension, Longley Lane to Celeste, Truckee Meadows Water Authority, Reno, Nevada

Prepared plans and project manual for 3,500 linear feet of 24 inch ductile iron water feeder main. The project included groundwater dewatering, and substantial coordination for existing utility conflicts.

Northeast Sparks 24 Inch Feeder Main Improvements, Truckee Meadows Water Authority, Sparks, Nevada

Project Manager/ Design Engineer. Prepared preliminary design investigation of alternate alignments and then plans and project manual for 8,120 linear feet of 24 inch ductile iron water feeder main from Baring Blvd. and Goldy Way, north to Disc Drive and Sparks Blvd. The project included groundwater dewatering, permitting for jurisdictional waters of the US at the North Truckee Drain crossing and substantial coordination for existing utility conflicts.